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Image by Anusree Mohan

"tell me, what do you plan to do
with your one wild
and precious life?"

Mary Oliver 


From my earliest years, I had this gnawing understanding that our bodies are actually these sacred & magical vessels that we GET to live in! And ever since, I've been left with an insatiable appetite for all things related to interpersonal dynamics and mysticism.  


I've spent most of the last decade with a deep dive study in energy medicine, healing the divine feminine, mindfulness, earth based spirituality and Internal Family Systems (IFS).  And while it's great fun to be able to analyze WHY until all hours of the night, I also have a deep respect for the body.  


I'm an ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach as well as a Nationally Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach.  In 2019 I created "Rock Your Inner Goddess," a course that helps us align our Divine Feminine energy with the cycles of the Moon and Mother Earth. 


I work with people who desire to live in alignment with their body and their soul.  Who are learning to unapologetically trust their own super powers.  Who have the courage to embrace their parts and heal.  And it's one of the greatest honors of my life to get to do this work. 


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